About Us-Kidio Preparatory School

About Us

We Provide
We are proud of our tradition as a school offering all round excellence within a safe caring environment.
Our aim is to provide our children with a wide range of opportunities that will prepare them for the challenges of their changing world.
We believe this will allow them to develop a strong sense of self and purpose so that they may take their places as happy and successful people in the global community.

We offer foundation phase for children aged 1-5 years. This equips our learners to acquire skills to enroll in our grade R curriculum with ease and help them excel.
We also have Grade R and both junior primary grade 1-3.
                              History & Tradition
Kidio Preparatory School was formally known as Kidio Educational Day Care Center  Kidio opened its doors in March 1995 as an educational daycare facility where working mothers could leave their children.
We opened with 9 children and at the end of the year we had 39 children.
As time went on the school grew in strength and the need arose the change to a Junior Pre-Primary school as at this time the school had grown to 180 pupils.
In 2004 we registered as a Junior Pre-Primary School and opened its Grade 1, 2, and Grade 3 Classrooms. We also provide daycare and foundation phase education (Grade R).
We provide a safe, caring and structured environment where each child is encouraged to make a meaningful contribution to the school life and able to learn the value of integrity, hard work, fun and friendship.

Spiritual & Pastoral
Kidio Preparatory is a Christian School which embraces and celebrates cultural diversity. Respect for all is a core value. Opportunities are provided for children to learn about each others' cultures and beliefs, to promote an ethos of harmony. All Educators take on the role of pastoral care-givers, whilst out-reach community-based projects are initiated to engage compassion and social awareness amongst learners.
Kidio Preparatory School is proud to be actively involved with the Because You Care Project currently feeding 400 needy and underprivileged children in  our township. 
Creative Arts
Providing opportunities for developing the imaginative and artistic side of every child is very important. Art, music, drama and dance are encouraged and included in the daily programme. We believe that everyone has the right to enjoy the experience of creative expression, and that it is essential to a sense of wholeness within the human spirit.

We encourage our learners to participate in the Eisteddfod, where our learners have received gold certificates for speech and drama.
Sport & Physical Education
Kidio Preparatory believes that health and wellness is a cornerstone of optimum functioning.
All children are encouraged to participate at least once a week, at their level in different activities. Good sportsmanship, team-work and sound physical skills emphasized.
Leadership &
a Spirit of Adventure
The need to develop a spirit of adventure cannot be underestimated. Beginning in Junior Pre-Primary and going through the different grades, many activities are organised: day outings, overnight excursions, leadership courses and others.

These challenge the individual to develop channels for self-expression, team skills, initiative, problem solving skills and perhaps most importantly of all, self-confidence and self-esteem.
Looking Ahead
Kidio Preparatory School is committed to retaining the quality education it presently provides, as well as adapting and improving pro-actively to remain at the fore-front of education development. We would like to equip our classroom with Computer's and expand our library in the foreseeable future.
We look back on our history with pride and forward to our future with optimism.